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Frequently Asked Questions

I would be happy to help you create the most appropriate training for your staff or community. I have created and delivered multiple customized trainings. Please reach out with a few details about the needs of the staff or community members attending the training. Certificates of completion are also available.

Sure! I am always open to sharing the importance of mental health care, and how to help people in your community as well as yourself.

The course to become nationally certified as a Mental Health First Aid responder is a total of eight hours. We recommend breaking this down into a two hour self-paced online learning session (with full access to your instructor for any questions), followed by six hours of in person learning.

During the live workshop, your trainor will teach participants how to apply the concepts learned in the self-paced introduction to different mental health scenarios, including early warning signs, worsening signs and symptoms, and crisis situations. This will include group discussions, exercises, and role-play to get everyone comfortable with discussing potentially triggering topics. 

To ensure that everyone gets the personalized attention they need, all in person MHFA training sessions have a maximum class size of 30 people, and zoom classes have a maximum size of 15 people.

Other workshops and speaking engagements, including the mental health awareness basics, nightlife and hospitality trainings can have varying participant sizes. 

As the nightlife workshop is more targeted, it is only 2 hours long

Yes! I offer discounts for non-profits, businesses with less than 50 employees, and community organizations. I understand that not every business or organization that provides community services opts for non-profit status. If you do good in your community, regularly offer wellness programs and community support or free programming, I'm happy to extend this discount to you as well. When reaching out, please give me some details about what you do for others so that we can help you with this. 

Adult Mental Health First Aid: Teaches adults how to help other adults

Youth Mental Health First Aid: Teaches adults how to address signs and symptoms in youths

Higher Education Mental Health First Aid

Veterans Adult Mental Health First Aid

EMS/Fire/First Responder Mental Health First Aid

My exclusive nightlife specific workshop focuses on specific scenarios you might encounter on the dancefloor, at the bar, or in your establishment. It addresses ways to handle crisis in large crowds and how to keep the person in crisis, as well as anyone surrounding them safe. It is was created by Universal Heart Space founder, and New York City DJ, Cindy J. Fischthal, aka Cindee Jay. Her decades of experience in NYC nightlife coupled with her professional mental health experience gives her unique insights into the intersection of both worlds. 

Thank you for realizing the importance of Mental Health First Aid! We would be happy to reach out to your HR or training department. Send me a message here

Yes, zoom classes are available.

Of course! Thank you for fostering a caring community!

Depending on your professional affiliations, you may receive 7 Continuing Education Credits (CEU's) for the Mental Health First Aid certification course.